2018 Galaxy

2018 Ford Galaxy – Is a Large MPV

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The Galaxy is a large MPV which has been available ever since 1995. While its first generation was actually built in cooperation with VW, the later models were built by Ford specifically for the European market. The car evolved tremendously throughout the years with its peak being the 3rd generation. This offered the perfect blend between power and features and it was a favorite among many family men. However, the car has been heavily revised back in 2015 and the new model is not exactly on par with its predecessors. It boasts a more unusual design, it has less powerful engines and it is not as good to drive as it used to be. The latter is the car’s main problem which is also why it is selling much worse than it used to.

In detail

It looks like the MPV may receive an update with the 2018 Ford Galaxy. This could be a mid-life facelift aimed at solving all of its problems and making it as good as it used to be. For starters, it seems the car’s design might change while the interior could be revised with Ford’s latest technologies. On top of that the Galaxy has been rumored to receive a few new engines which would allow it to become as fast as some of its rivals.

2018 Ford Galaxy

The platform as well as most of the running gear on the other hand is expected to stay the same. This is both good and bad. The car definitely has a really rigid chassis which is great in case of a crash. However, the suspension can’t really cope with its weight. Even though it may get the same setup as before, it seems the 2018 Ford Galaxy could receive different shocks and springs in order to better control its body roll. This would finally allow it to become as good to drive as its predecessor and it would solve its most pressing issue.

2018 Ford Galaxy Design

The new Galaxy is not nearly as aggressive as it used to be. In the front it sports Ford’s latest corporate look but the rest of the car is not really on par with its front end. The rear has a really boxy look with an upright tailgate and a really large window that makes it closer in design to a van rather than an MPV. For the 2018 model it seems that Ford could revise the roof-line as well as the rear.

2018 Ford Galaxy design

They might add a larger roof-mounted spoiler, a different tailgate and possibly new tail lights. An arched roof-line would make the Galaxy better looking without spoiling the interior space and it would get rid of that massive rear window. The interior on the other hand is likely going to stay the same as before. The big changes here will be the available safety features as well as possibly a new infotainment unit which has been rumored for a while.

Under the hood

Offering as much as 240 horsepower, the current model is not really bad in terms of straight line performance. Even so, it seems the 2018 Ford Galaxy could get even more power than before. For starters, the base 1.5 liter inline 4 engine is expected to be replaced with a 1.5 liter 3 cylinder unit. This should offer slightly more than 160 horsepower while being more efficient.

2018 Ford Galaxy engine

The 2.0 liter turbo-four could also be revised in order to offer closer to 250 horsepower and over 270 lb-ft of torque. Both of these are expected to be mated to a new 9 speed automatic. A set of diesel engines ranging from 150 to north of 210 horsepower is also going to be available. These will also give the possibility of having a 6 speed manual on the lesser models.

Ford Galaxy Video

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