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2019 Focus

2019 Ford Focus Wagon

The new Focus is nearing production and even though Ford has yet to announced much about it, the car has been spied in the wild a few times now. In fact photographers managed to take a really good look at the upcoming model not that long ago. This was wearing …
2019 Focus

2019 Ford Focus Sedan

After being around for little over half a decade, it is finally the time for a new Focus. While so far Ford didn’t really say much about the upcoming model, spy shots have been around for a while. Photographers already managed to take a good look at the upcoming model …
2019 Focus

2019 Ford Focus – Spy Photos

The Focus is one of Ford’s best selling models and for a good reason. It comes with the best chassis in its class and on top of that it also offers great value for money. Unfortunately the car is rather old at this point and at least the interior can’t …