2016 Ford Lobo Price

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2016 Ford Lobo is the new truck in the Ford family of vehicles. With new design and engine, the sales should be through the roof, although it remains to be seen how the change in exterior will affect that same area.

Release Date of 2016 Ford Lobo

The 2016 Ford Lobo is going to be presented to the public in 2016. This particular model may be launched in Mexico soon after, as it was clearly made by designers who wanted to target the South American and Central American markets.

2016 Ford Lobo Front

2016 Ford Lobo Price

The price of the new 2016 Ford Lobo is not going to be for those who are faint of heart. Dishing out $36,000 before you even start considering trims and additional equipment can be a bit daunting to say the least.

And by the time you reach $43,000 which should be the upper limit for this model, you might be the one to start howling and growling at your local Ford representative.

Ford Lobo Exterior

The look of the new 2016 Ford Lobo has been significantly updated, at least on the outside. Although, whether this will be a successful and welcome change or not, only time and sales records will say.

After all, some people may not like a bumpy grille, hood creases and headlight design, which are all placed wider than in the previous model.

2016 Ford Lobo Side

New materials have also made an appearance, with aluminum and high-strength steel being much more present in the overall body frame and construction. Lights and spotlight mirror all have LED in their names. Other than that, precious little is known about the design of the new Lobo.

Interior of Ford Lobo 2016

Interior-wise, the situation is quite similar, as the information about the cabin tends to be even more scarce on average. There have been some (confirmed) rumors about a rear view camera and a moon roof.

2016 Ford Lobo Interior

An 8-inch display similar to that of other Ford trucks will probably house optional navigation system and MyFord software, although all in all, the 2016 Lobo should share many indoor features and gadgets with other Ford vehicles of this type and class. The cabin is rumored to be wider, with more room for head and legs.

Ford Lobo 2016 Engine

If you take a peek under the hood of the 2016 Ford Lobo, you’ll most likely find a 4.6 l unit, which can run great under just about any conditions and in almost any environment. As for the exact specs, we may have to be patient for a little while longer.

The road testing has yet to be completed, at which point we should be able to discern any performance issues and fuel efficiency in terms of miles per gallon.

2016 Ford Lobo Engine

We are hearing about Magnum Tuning 2016, however, and there should be many solutions to a multitude of problems plaguing Ford trucks in general, most of which concern ignition.

So, magnum tuning ignition parts are one piece of the puzzle we have been able to collect. The new engine is considered superior both in terms of durability and raw power.


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