2017 Lincoln Continental Price

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Lincoln is finally going through a big revival, after more than a decade of poor sales and low popularity. It’s now back with the new flag-ship sedan, that some people call MKS and the others 2017 Lincoln Continental.

Lincoln Continental Review

They first announce the launch of MKS sedan model which was presented to the public as the new Continental.

Later during the same year musician Neil Young announced he’s working with Lincoln on installing Pono musical player in the new Continental model that’s going to be released soon.

So one musician ruined all the big cover-up that was made by Lincoln to hide their true intentions and give us a wonderful surprise.

2017 Lincoln Continental Front

We still don’t know is the new model going to look anything like some other vehicles from this manufacturer’s range, but we are almost certain it will have “split wings” front, that is one of the most popular exterior features in whole Lincoln range.

We should also expect more elegant and mature look for this sedan, since it is competing with vehicles that have highest level of luxury.

It might be made on Ford’s CD4 platform, or completely new and original platform that’s going to be built for this model only.

We hope that it’s going to come with out neo-retro design like some previous Continental models and without suicide doors, that were quite unpopular among luxury car fans.

2017 Lincoln Continental is probably going to come with old controls design with knobs and buttons, since the new sliding controls placed on the control panel inlast few model years were highly criticized.

2017 Lincoln Continental Side

It will also get cutting edge technology when it comes to voice controls and SYNC. Its rear seat might get more leg room than the last MKS model, and in the Chinese version with longer wheelbase its back seat head and leg room might get additional cubic inches.

Since Lincoln is trying its best to separate itself from Ford offer, this vehicle is not going to come with any of the familiar interior features, styles or materials that come with some popular Ford models like Fusion or Taurus.

If new model is going to be based on CD4 platform it definitely won’t come with rear wheel drive V8, since this platform can’t be reworked to receive engine of this size in the rear area.

2017 Lincoln Continental Price4

Lincoln Continental Engine

It will probably come with V6 or inline four cylinder engine. Another two options are 2,3 litre four cylinder EcoBoost and 3,5 liter V6 also made with Ecoboost technology.

It might keep the six speed automatic transmission that comes with MKS, or it might change it for nine speed automatic which is much more fuel efficient, also the base model will definitely come with front wheel drive, while some higher trim levels might come with all wheel drive mode as well.

2017 Lincoln Continental Price

Starting price for 2017 Lincoln Continental will be higher than what you need to pay for the base MKS, which means it will be more expensive than $40,000, but the base version price shouldn’t be higher than $50,000.

Lincoln Continental Video

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