2018 Ford Expedition Platinum

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The Expedition is Ford’s full size crossover offering which has been completely redesigned and revealed a short while ago. The car offers a lot of new features over its predecessor and it should provide considerably better performance as well. However, not everything is great about the new Expedition. One of its biggest issues is its price. The new model starts at little over $50,000 which is around $5,000 more than what its predecessor used to cost. On top of that, the 2018 Ford Expedition Platinum now starts at nearly $75,000 which makes it more expensive than the base Navigator. Even though it is more expensive though, it provides quite a few more features which makes it a better value. While this may not be a problem for many, it is a problem for Ford because Lincoln is their brand as well.

What changed?

The new Expedition makes use of a new platform which it shares with the F-150. This means it gets a boxed in frame which is more rigid than the one before it while being slightly heavier. The body on the other hand has been made out of aluminum, so the actual weight of the SUV decreased by a good margin.

2018 Ford Expedition Platinu

source:ford.com                                                                             2018 Ford Expedition Platinum

The end result is a far better to drive car which also happens to be considerably more comfortable to drive in. The suspension system has been revised too with optional adaptive shocks being available on the higher end 2018 Ford Expedition Platinum.

The design

Even though it may be the most expensive version of the Expedition, the Platinum isn’t the flashiest one. In fact it is quite restrained by today’s standards and it may end up selling better than Ford’s other full size car. In the front the Platinum gets a unique grille, LED headlights as standard as well as a lower air-dam than the rest of the range.

2018 Ford Expedition Platinum Design

source:ford.com                                                          2018 Ford Expedition Platinum Design

There are quite a few chromed accents around the car but these don’t seem out of place like on most modern cars. Instead, with the help of its huge and imposing body, they make the new Expedition seem like a true luxury vehicle even though it really isn’t.

The interior

The cabin of the Expedition changed a lot over its predecessor. However, it is closely related to the F-150 to the point the two cars share the same dashboard design and roughly the same features. The good part is the fact that the Expedition gets considerably better power seats in the front, middle and rear.

2018 Ford Expedition Platinum Interior

source:ford.com                                                           2018 Ford Expedition Platinum Interior

The Platinum gets things like ventilated and heated seats on the first two rows with a third heated row being available. Ford’s Sync3 infotainment system is offered as standard alongside a surround audio system. On top of all of these the car also gets a full suite of safety features as standard which are otherwise optional on most other models.

2018 Ford Expedition Platinum Specs

The 2018 Ford Expedition Platinum makes use of a 3.5 liter twin-turbocharged V6 gasoline engine. While this may seem similar to its predecessor, it comes with many upgrades such as different cylinder heads and turbochargers, a secondary fuel injection system and different internals. The end result is a rather impressive 400 horsepower and 480 lb-ft of torque which puts it among the most powerful vehicles in its class. In order to make use of all that power the engine is mated to Ford’s brand new 10 speed automatic. Rear wheel drive is standard with an optional all wheel drive system also being available. When properly equipped the car will tow up to 9,200 pounds and it will do it while using less fuel than the competition. The only real drawback has to be the slight turbo-lag which is noticeable at low engine speeds.

 2018 Ford Expedition Platinum
Dimensions And Weight
Wheelbase N/A
Length N/A
Height N/A
Width N/A
Weight N/A
Engine And Transmission
Engine type twin-turbocharged V6
Displacement 3.5 L
Power/torque 400 hp/480 lb-ft 
Transmission 10-Speed Automatic w/SelectShift
0-60 mph 6.5 sec.
Top speed 120 mph
Competitors:Chevrolet Tahoe, GMC Yukon XL Denali
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