2018 Ford Expedition – Full-Size SUV

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The Expedition is one of the better selling 8-seats crossovers on the market and Ford’s only body-on-frame SUV still in production. The fourth generation of the car has already been revealed and it is a very impressive vehicle. For starters, the new 2018 Ford Expedition is based on an entirely new chassis. The car shares its platform with the new F-150 but it gets a different suspension setup. The all high strength steel frame now boasts a fully independent suspension setup. The brakes are just as big as on the truck while the rest of it has been left unchanged. This basically means the new Expedition can tow nearly as much as the truck while having none of the drawbacks.

In detail

On top of its highly capable chassis the Expedition also features an all aluminum body. This has been possible thanks to Ford’s aluminum technologies which were developed on the truck. The car is larger than its predecessor and also features a longer wheelbase. Despite that it is considerably lighter.

2018 Ford Expedition


A base version of the Expedition can be with up to 400 to 500 pounds lighter than its predecessor. This will allow it to perform better and use less fuel while also being better to drive. The car’s price hasn’t been revealed for now but it seems Ford will start production in September.

The design of  Ford Expedition 2018 

Likely one of the most notable differences, besides its new platform, is the way it looks. The new 2018 Ford Expedition has a lot less in common with Ford’s truck division and that’s great. In the front it now boasts a design more similar to that of the Explorer. There is still a massive front grille and set of headlights but these are now much better integrated into its design.

2018 Ford Expedition design


The bumper is curvier than before and the angular accents give the Expedition a much cleaner look than before. From the profile it doesn’t seem much different from its predecessor. The car is still very long and the glasshouse is massive. However, the lines are sharper and together with the longer wheelbase make for a much classier design. The back is actually boxier than before in order to contrast with its front fascia, so the end result is much more cohesive than first thought.

Inside the cabin

Unfortunately the Expedition is pretty much identical to its truck counterpart here. The car gets roughly the same dashboard as the F-150. The differences come in the details. There is a new rotary gear changing knob, slightly better materials as well as slightly different button positioning throughout the cabin.

2018 Ford Expedition interior


Ford is also offering more safety features than with the truck such as an advanced cruise control and lane keeping system. Things such as a Wi-Fi hotspot, Ford’s Sync3 infotainment system or even up to four 12V power outlets can be had across the range.


2018 Ford Expedition Engine

The lightweight 2018 Ford Expedition will come as standard with a 3.5 liter twin-turbocharged V6. While at first this may seem the same engine as before, it has been extensively revised by Ford. The new engine offers both port and direct fuel injection, so it should get better fuel economy while providing more power than before. On the F-150 the engine makes 370 horsepower while on the Navigator it makes a rather impressive 450 horsepower. It is safe to assume the one in the Expedition will provide an output right between the two. In fact we wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up closer to the one in the Navigator. If this is the case then the car will definitely become one of the most powerful in its class. A 10 speed automatic will be standard while Ford’s all wheel drive system will be offered as an option.

Ford Expedition Video

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