2018 Ford Ka – Offers One of the Most Complete Driving Experiences

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The 3rd generation of the Ford Ka has been released back in 2013 in Brazil and went on sale nearly a year later. The car is a big step up over its predecessor which was actually a Fiat 500 with a different body on it. The new car has been actually developed by Ford Brazil and it was intended from the start as a cheap four-door hatchback.

Even though it was originally meant just for Brazil, the car was later released in India, Europe and a few other markets around the world. So far it has been very successful despite the fact it isn’t really all that special. It boasts an average amount of features and its engines are nothing to write home about. Even so it still manages to offer the essential. The car is great to drive and it offers one of the most complete driving experiences for any car at this price point.

A revision already?

The car has been released last year in Europe but because it has been available in Brazil for a while, it seems an update is on its way with the upcoming 2018 Ford Ka+. So far there is still very little information about it.

2018 Ford Ka+

2018 Ford Ka+

Despite that it seems the car will bring more features across the range and possibly a new engine. The price is likely not going to change much which should allow it to remain as competitive as ever before.

Why is it so good to drive

The new 2018 Ford Ka+ will continue to use the same platform as the ongoing model. This means its great driving characteristics will stay. This has been achieved thanks to the fact the car is actually based on the older B-car platform that has been used on the MK6 Fiesta.

2018 Ford Ka+

2018 Ford Ka+

This means it has a really stiff chassis and a great running gear. This gives the driver a great amount of feedback and control which is otherwise impossible in a car this cheap. The brakes are the car’s only weak point but these may be upgraded in a future revision.

The design of Ford Ka+ 2018

The 2018 version of the Ka+ is expected to get a revised front end more similar to that of the new Fiesta. Expect it to get an even smaller front grille, possibly slimmer headlights and a new bumper with different intakes.

2018 Ford Ka+

2018 Ford Ka+

The end result should be a slightly more aggressive design that will make the car look a bit lower than it really is. The wheels are also expected to increase on the higher end versions in order to better fill the wheel arches. The rear end on the other hand will more than likely remain the same as before.

Inside the cabin

The Ka+ is capable of carrying up to 5 people in relative comfort. This has been achieved with the help of a long wheelbase for its size and 5 doors which are standard across the range.

2018 Ford Ka+ interior

2018 Ford Ka+

 The new 2018 Ford Ka won’t change much to this recipe. In fact the only real differences over its predecessor will likely be the available features. The higher end trim levels might get Ford’s Sync3, a better sound system as well as things like heated seats and steering wheel or even an adaptive cruise control unit.

 2018 Ford Ka Engine 

The car will still come with a naturally aspirated 1.0, 1.2 or 1.5 liter gas engine. These will offer anything between 80 and 105 horsepower which is usually enough for most. A 1.5 liter diesel with 100 horsepower and 215Nm of torque will also be an option. Some rumors also suggested that the car could get a more powerful version, possibly an ST model. This would boast an EcoBoost engine with up to 140 horsepower, enough to get this tiny hatchback to impressive speeds.


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