5 Ways to Improve Your Car’s Headlight Performance

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The automotive industry is very advanced, that is a fact. Along with technology, safety, comfort, digital connectivity, the headlights have also been raised to a higher technological level. However, many drivers drive older car models, which are not equipped with the latest car technology. They are not equipped with modern lights. Since not everyone is able to afford a newer car, there is a replacement parts market to improve headlight performance.

Keep in mind that these are very important parts that can help or hinder you in traffic. Driving at night can be very challenging, and headlights are crucial for safe driving in the dark. So make sure these parts work properly. Either way, the improved headlights will always look nicer, because they become blurred or yellow after a while. So they give the impression of an older and unprotected car, and that creates a bad impression. If you want to work on your four-wheeler, keep reading and find out how you can improve the performance of your headlights.

1. LED technology

Source: mercedes-benz.co.in

If you want to improve your headlights by using LED technology, you need to know a few things. First of all, these bulbs are very bright, but they also consume little energy. They have a long lifespan. In the last few years, more and more manufacturers are turning to this technology. Of course, this choice brings with it many advantages as well as disadvantages. When we talk about their advantages, we can say that the dimensions are in the first place. Because they are very small in size, LEDs are compatible with all car models. The high quality recycled used ones are also very good choice, if you want to save money, but still get what you want, according to the CIPCO

Also, daytime running and signal LED lights do not need cooling, because it is a small amount of electricity during operation. This means that there is no possibility of burnout. However, they still create a certain amount of heat at the bottom of the emitter. Then there is a risk for the other components. We must mention that in addition to these advantages, it also has much warmer light than other types. On the other hand, the disadvantages are the higher price and heavier production due to the demanding dimensions.

2. HID technology

Although this technology is not that new compared to the previous one, it can still be a good choice. And that’s because you would get high-intensity light bulbs or a quality upgrade. So, a lot of people opt for this type of light bulb as an effective solution. We mean the temperature color and the amount of light that is obtained. They may not be stronger than LEG technology, but they are much brighter than halogens, more energy efficient and have a longer lifespan.

When it comes to flaws, we can blame them for the price if we look at them in relation to halogen bulbs, and the reason for that is their complexity. They are also a bit slower compared to other models, because they need a few seconds of preparation in order to achieve maximum lighting. We must mention that some can have a negative impact on health due to an excessive amount of a toxic substance, but many countries have banned their use. We must not forget their intensity, which can sometimes be bad, because it bothers other drivers on the road who come to meet you.

3. Halogen lights

Source: amazon.com

Finally, we present you with the most popular choice of light. People mostly opt for this model because it is quite simple and cheap. When we talk about the price, its replacement is very favorable compared to all other lights and lasts approximately 1000 working hours. However, people are increasingly opting for other models because halogen lights are not as efficient. The problem is in the waste of energy and the necessary additional maintenance. They produce a high temperature, but they also have a problem with reacting to certain substances. For example, you should not touch the glass of the new component in any way.

If you do, the fat deposits from your fingers will remain on the bulbs and this will contribute to the uneven temperature distribution. This will shorten its lifespan. If you do, simply clean it to prevent this from happening. Of course, there are advantages … They come in different sizes, and that would mean that they can be installed on different cars. So they can gradually darken.

4. The same bulb model

So, you may like the current setup a lot, but the light bulb time is long gone. They became old and faded over time. They needed to be replaced, but you liked how they worked. In that case, you will surely just look for your model that will be significantly more intense. This way, you will install the new headlights very easily, and you will get an 80% lighter model. You may need less time to replace them, but you will still need to put in a little more effort. Don’t forget about their lifespan, because the brighter the headlights, the shorter they will last.

5. Headlight cleaning

Source: detailxperts.net

The headlights can get dirty after a long use and get a hazy look. Not only does it not look nice but it also affects their work. If for some reason you don’t want to opt for a new model or replace the old one with the same only lighter headlights, try this one. All you need to do is remove the dirt that has changed the look of the light. In this way, it may be beautiful again, but it will also shine better. For this you need a restoration kit.

This way of repairing headlights is becoming more and more popular, and as the car ages it needs more and more maintenance. However, the foggy and ugly appearance is not only a consequence of dirt but also of moisture, small scratches, etc.

If you decide to do this yourself, it is important to follow the next few steps. This refers to protecting the surface of the car around the headlights so as not to damage it. After that, you can start working, and when you are done, simply wipe with a soft cloth and you will see the results.


So, it only takes a little effort and with minimal money you can make your headlights look and work like new. It is very important that you do not have any disturbances during the night drive and that your headlights work as well as possible. Otherwise you can get into very dangerous situations. We hope we’ve helped you learn all about the ways you can improve this important part of your car.

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