Brightening Your Path: 2023 Guide To LED Light Bars In New Zealand

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When traveling at night, especially on easily navigable off-roads, an LED light bar Nz is a necessary piece of safety equipment.

Additionally, they are quite helpful during the daylight in the winter when it is foggy outside or in places where vision is poor. It improves visibility on the road and guards against accidents or other dangers.

These require minimal care and are bright, durable, and quick to install. We advise you to take into account these important criteria if you want to buy an LED light bar.


The brightness and illuminating surface area of an LED light bar are dependent on its size. These bars come in sizes ranging from 4 inches to 52 inches, so you must choose the one that completely fits your car. While installing, keep an eye on the light bar’s height and width as well.

Lumens/Brightness –


The brightness of the light is measured in lumens. The general guideline is that light will illuminate brighter the higher the lumen count. Brightness will be in the 10,000–100,000 lm range (based on the number of LEDs and size of the light bar). So, before making a purchase, check the lumens of your light bar.

  • Nilight Led Light Bar

Since Nilight is one of the few options available that offer a series of lights rather than a single light, it is a very popular brand for LED light bars and automobile lights.

As a complete light set that you can install on your automobile, the Niligiht LED light bar is ranked first on this list. You also receive two 4-inch spots LED pods with an output of 18 watts each in addition to the light bar. The LED light bar itself is rated to have a 126-watt power output.

This LED light bar should produce a respectable amount of light considering its 20-inch length, especially given its pricing. This LED bar comes with a 2-year warranty, but because it lacks an IP certification or water resistance grade, its build quality is a bit on the mediocre side.

  • Rigid horse LED Light Bar


Consider Rigidhorse and its products, such as the LED light bar featured in this article, if you drive an SUV or jeep and need bright lights for your vehicle. The LED light bar from Rigidhorse is ranked second on this list since it is one of the best-performing solutions currently on the market. You get a light output of 30000 LM, which is rather high when compared to other options, thanks to its good wattage rating provided at 180 watts.

This LED light bar’s length of 32 inches, which provides broad coverage and consistent light production, is another fantastic feature. You may anticipate this LED light bar to survive effortlessly even under heavy rain because it has an IP67 water-resistant grade. However, the warranty is only good for one year, which is standard.

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