How Do You Protect Your Eyes When Riding A Motocross Bike?

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We all know that wearing a helmet is necessary when you are riding a bike. The key is to improve the safety in case that you fell of your bike. Another reason to choose the right model is that it can improve your comfort and visibility.

There are different solutions available, and that depends to your preferences, type of the motorcycle, and where you are driving it. There is also an additional option, that you can install, which is the windshield, which is perfect when you are traveling long distance since it can prevent the air pressure and help you with both cold and hot weather.

However, the situation is a bit more complicated with dirt bikes. Getting the right helmet is crucial here since the risk of falling is increased. Also, the protection of your eyes is more important because of all that dirt that can get under your helmet.

Therefore, you will have to focus on the protection of your eyes as well. One of the best solutions is to get goggles, and you can find some of the best models if you check out MX Goggles. Here are some details and tips that you should know about proper eye protection when riding a dirt bike.

Why Wearing Goggles is the Best Option?


One of the main reasons why this option is much better than any helmet combined with additional glasses is the fact that you can fix it to your head so you don’t need to worry about the position of both the helmet and the goggles. Also, you can use a special helmet with a glass lid along with the glasses that are fixed to your head.

This can be very important for the off-road adventures since there is an increased risk that your helmet might get out of the place. Also, facing a slipping glasses can be a problem because proper visibility is essential when driving over bumpy terrain when one small mistake can lead to falling.

When it comes to visibility, we also have to mention that the lenses are much larger when compared to standard models. The specialized dirt bike goggles have a wider area that makes it much easier to focus on the terrain without the need to turn your head around. Also, there is an additional cover that will prevent the dirt and dust from getting inside of glasses.

Can You Wear Goggles Over Glasses?


This is a popular question for those who must wear contact lenses and prescription glasses. Driving through a lot of dust and dirt can be a problem for people with contact lenses, especially when you don’t have the right safety equipment. The right solution depends on the level of your issues with the sight.

For example, if you need additional support for reading, but you can see the road and everything on it clearly when not wearing one, then you should avoid it in the first place since that will make your experience much better. However, if you must wear any sort of eye improvement accessories, it is important to combine it with the right goggles and helmet.

The great thing is that there are special models designed for people who must wear contacts or prescription glasses. They have a unique design that will leave enough space inside so you can wear your glasses while wearing goggles at the same time.

Another great feature is that these special helmets have an additional layer of protection on the front glass that will minimize the chance of fog. Therefore, there is no need to take off your glasses or contacts when you want to get some off-road adventure.

Choose the Right Combination


As you can see, there are different solutions available, and it depends to your needs when it comes to making the right choice. The first thing to always keep in your mind is to focus on the safety. Therefore, be sure to get a model of helmet that will protect your head in case of falling. After that, there are special models with additional space inside where you can wear your glasses without any problem.

On the other side, the problem with glasses can be seen when you are riding over bumpy terrain. They could easily slide from your nose, and that can be very annoying since you will have to stop, take off the helmet, and then set the glasses in the right position again. That is the main reason why contact lenses could be a much better solution.

Besides that, we also have to mention special versions of goggles that have installed lenses in the glass. Therefore, you don’t need any additional accessories if you need some for your eyesight. The only problem here can be dirt and dust that can stay on the front glass.

The great thing is that many brands that are known for providing great helmets and goggles are aware of how important the eye protection is, and that is the main reason why you can find so many of these products today. Therefore, you can choose your favorite design as well along with the features that will help you protect your eyes and head.


This is not something to play around with. It is essential to choose the right model that will keep you safe. There are different versions of off-rad helmets, but not all of them are good for those who needs additional accessories for the eyesight.

Therefore, don’t rush with the buying. Be sure to test a couple of models to see which one suits you in the best way. If you prefer wearing glasses, the best option is to choose a helmet and goggles where your glasses can stick to one position all the time. Also, the key is to find a model that will prevent any dirt of dust from getting inside of the helmet, which can be the most annoying thing to deal with when driving off-road.

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