Why People Are Switching to Electric Cars

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Owning a vehicle today in the fast-moving life is as important as other necessities of life. However, some still prefer public transport but no one would agree that there is a substitute for their own car. Men love their cars more than their wives – Jokes apart!

This is somewhat a reality that you may find of you see car lovers taking care of their cars more than anything else – they love the sound produced when they drive in speed the scorching, the smog, which pollute the air that not only is the major cause of destruction to the human lungs but also affecting the ozone layer.

Plug-in Hybrid – Save the Environment


In the era of technology, there is a solution to every problem as nowadays people are switching more towards buying an electric car. According to the online sale purchase hub Zemotor, it is seen that the demand for buying an electric car is increasing, which shows that people are making a smart move towards saving the environment from pollution and reduce the consumption of gas.

The adoption of plug-in hybrids in the last few years have made the famous carmakers to think about launching more models of electric cars and focus more on its manufacturing. As these cars don’t have tailpipes, they don’t exhale the cancerous smoke that directly affects the human lungs and nature.

Current Situation – COVID-19


Have you noticed the environment during this world pandemic? Where everyone is living in self-quarantine during this lockdown and less to no cars are seen around – soundless roads, fresh air, which you can feel while standing in your terrace, blue sky and greenery in the surrounding.

What a contrast! Did you ever saw this before? No, our busy lives didn’t give us a chance to feel the beauty of nature. Although COVID-19 made us feel how to save we are while staying at home, it also gave us the opportunity to see how beautiful the environment can look without pollution (noise and air pollution).

Electric Cars VS Gas-Guzzlers


Where most of the famous carmakers are busy planning to throw electric cars in the market due to the increase in demand, the ruler of the industry, Tesla had no interest in hybrid cars beforehand. Like the manufacturers of Tesla, the fans also had the same thought that electric cars are slow, boring and driving it feels like driving a cart. But in June 2012 Tesla took a revolutionary step and introduced its diamond piece in the electric car market, Tesla Model S, a five-door electric sedan with an extolling pride to be the best one amongst any electric car.

The launch of Tesla Model S changed the perception in the mind of avid car lovers who used to have a negative postulation about electric cars before. The macho gas-guzzlers are a threat to nature and the environment as well. However, the fans of Tesla would not consider any other electric car but at least it has created a positive approach for it. Now ones who had zero interest in the plug-in hybrid search for the alternatives to match the features of Tesla Model S at a budget-friendly cost.

Top Electric Cars

According to Forbes, the following electric cars are rated as the best in terms of style, comfort, battery, pleasant drive, and environment-friendly:


  • Tesla Model 3 – Simply the best in all terms (Cost – $39,990)
  • Chevrolet Bolt EV – Affordable hybrid car for a road-trip (Cost – $36,620)
  • Nissan Leaf – One can easily buy a UFO-styled with high-tech features (Cost – $31,600)
  • Porsche Taycan – The Style Statement (Cost – $103,800)
  • Audi E-Tron – When you look for speed and luxury in an electric car (Cost – $74,800)


In a Nutshell

According to the Zemotor, the search for electric cars online is increasing and people demand it more either a new or used one as you may find a plethora of cars on this online platform. The new models of electric cars come with distinguishing features and are not easy to afford for every individual or the low-income person for that there is an option to buy a used car from such online platforms. Easy and safer to sell and purchase cars, that is nature-loving and environment friendly.

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