2018 Ford Capri – Might Be Based on Ford’s CD4 Platform

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The Capri was a two-door coupe sold by Ford between the late ‘60s and the mid ‘90s. The car went through several revisions but it was eventually discontinued and replaced by the Ford Probe. More than 3 decades after it was discontinued it seems that a new version might be released once again. Rumors about a new 2018 Ford Capri started to surface not that long ago. It seems that the car may be a new two-door coupe loosely based on the Fusion. It would come with front wheel drive and plenty of engine choices in order to make even the most demanding customers happy. Unfortunately there is still very little information available but what is available is rather interesting.

In detail

So far it seems that the new Capri might be based on Ford’s CD4 platform. This is a highly modular front wheel drive chassis, so it could easily underpin the Capri with a shorter wheelbase than that of the Fusion. Unlike the large sedan, the coupe is also expected to boast a completely different suspension setup. Most rumors suggest a fully independent setup front and back which could also offer a rear wheel steering system.

2018 Ford Capri design

2018 Ford Capri

The latter would allow the car to drive like a smaller vehicle at low speeds while retaining the high speed stability of a larger car at higher speeds. At this point most rumors suggest the Capri won’t be that cheap. The car is expected to start at anything between $25,000 and $40,000. Even though it will be priced similarly to a Mustang, it will be completely different.

The design

So far it seems that the 2018 Ford Capri may get some of the design cues found on the Fusion. On top of that the car could also share some similarities with the original Capri which was based on the Mustang of its time. If this is the case then expect it to feature a longer than usual hood as well as a fastback-like design. While this is unusual for a front wheel drive car, it has been done before.

2018 Ford Capri Interior

The Capri will likely be sold as a personal luxury coupe meaning it will feature more gear and better materials than a similarly priced Mustang. The car is expected to boast two seats with two more possible seats in the back. A 2+2 configuration would allow for certain insurance exceptions but the 2-seats configuration would make the Capri considerably more exclusive than otherwise.

2018 Ford Capri Interior

2018 Ford Capri Interior

The overall design of the interior is likely going to be all new but still based on Ford’s latest interior design scheme which has been first seen on the Fiesta. The materials will definitely be above the average of its class, so expect rivalry from its German counterparts.

2018 Ford Capri Specs

The original car offered anything from a tiny 4 cylinder all the way up to a V8. The 2018 Ford Capri is expected to stay true to the original and while a V8 won’t be used, it will still offer more than enough power on the top end models. The base cars are likely going to use a 1.5 liter 3 cylinder EcoBoost with north of 200 horsepower. A mid-range 2.3 liter inline 4 with around 310 horsepower is also a real possibility.

2018 Ford Capri engine

2018 Ford Capri Engine

While the base engine will be offered with front wheel drive, anything above it will come with all wheel drive as standard. Ford’s 9 speed automatic is also expected to be offered as standard across the range. The top of the line models are likely going to use a 3.0 liter EcoBoost with north of 400 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque making it one of the most powerful cars in its class.

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