2018 Ford iosisMAX – Concept

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Back in 2009 Ford was releasing the Iosis Max Concept, a small MPV which eventually became the production B-Max. After the B-Max hasn’t been as successful as it should have, it seems an update is on its way with the upcoming 2018 Ford iosisMAX. So far there is still little information about this new car but it seems it will replace the unsuccessful B-Max. What Ford will do in order to become successful? Well, it looks like the recipe might be quite simple. They are likely going to remove a lot of weight from the car and give it slightly more power in order to become the MPV people always wanted it to be. This should allow the car to not only become more desirable than before but possibly become one of the most competitive cars in its class.

In detail

At this point it seems the iosisMAX could be based on the same platform as the new Fiesta. This was also the case with its predecessor which was built on the same platform as the older Fiesta.

2018 Ford iosisMAX

source:caranddriver.com                                                                          2018 Ford iosisMAX

This means the car will benefit from a really capable running gear, good brakes and a great steering column. Thanks to its lower weight the Fiesta’s running gear should now be able to handle its taller body with ease so the iosisMAX should be just as good to drive as its smaller sibling.

2018 Ford iosisMAX Design

The predecessor of the car was based on an entirely new design scheme called Kinetic 2.0. It seems the upcoming 2018 Ford iosisMAX will have quite a bit in common with the new Fiesta or the upcoming Focus. This means that its rather funky look will be gone and in its place we should see something a bit more conventional and classy at the same time.

2018 Ford iosisMAX design

source:caranddriver.com                                                                            2018 Ford iosisMAX

The car will likely get a much wider body with a really similar front end to the upcoming Fiesta. In the back it is expected to boast horizontal tail lights and a slightly more raked rear window which would make it look like a sportier car. Rumors also suggest the iosis will be both lower and longer than before. The trademark feature, the sliding rear doors, is likely still going to be offered as standard across the range.,

Inside of  Ford iosisMAX 

Thanks to its new size there should be quite a bit more room than before. The car will likely boast a lower driving position than before but there should be more headroom as well as legroom than before. Also, in terms of overall looks, the iosisMAX will more than likely get a nearly identical dashboard to the all new Fiesta.

2018 Ford iosisMAX interior

source:caranddriver.com                                                                2018 Ford iosisMAX

Ford actually used nearly the same design scheme in the larger Focus so it is safe to assume they will do the same here. In terms of features the iosis will definitely come with quite a few more gadgets as well as safety systems than before which should make it the perfect family car for a crowded city.

Under the hood

One of the main problems with the older model was the acute lack of power. The upcoming 2018 Ford iosisMAX shouldn’t have all that many issues in this regard. The base model is expected to boast a 1.0 liter EcoBoost with around 125 horsepower, more than enough for its size and lightweight construction.

2018 Ford iosisMAX engine

source:caranddriver.com                                                                  2018 Ford iosisMAX

A larger 1.5 liter turbocharged inline 4 is also a real possibility. This could offer north of 150 horsepower making it one of the most powerful cars in its class. A diesel, likely Ford’s 1.5 liter unit, should be an option at least in Europe. A hybrid has also been rumored for a while now but so far Ford hasn’t released a suitable hybrid system for small cars so this is likely still years away from release.


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