Best Android Head Unit for Your Car

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Do you have an older vehicle model and feel like you are missing out on all of those features you have seen in newer cars, but can’t seem to finally decide that you should get a new car. Well, if you are looking just for such features, you do not have to spend thousands of dollars.

There are some custom solutions you should consider that can make your car seem like a brand new one. By installing an Android auto Head into your car you will have a lot more freedom while driving when choosing songs, GPS directions or access to other features.

Most cars in the past did not come with a display where you can easily connect your phone with either Bluetooth or USB, they did not have a way to guide you through a city or give you access to music streaming apps such as Spotify or iTunes. If you are looking for these types of features to be installed in your vehicle, you should definitely consider getting an Android auto head.

Things you should consider when buying an android head unit

When installing a new android head unit into your car you will probably want a way to connect with your phone so you can accept, forward calls or plays music on apps such as Spotify, iTunes, and Pandora. You should probably look for android head units that boast about a higher version of Bluetooth connectivity. The higher the version, the better the quality and bigger the distance of connectivity.

Since we are focusing on connectivity to play music, you will also want a head unit that can handle your sound system in your car. With such a unit you will probably have a lot more features and ways to customize the sound of your audio system and find the perfect settings.

Who doesn’t love more ways of connectivity? While most of these devices come with Bluetooth which you can connect wirelessly, sometimes there can be even more options such as AUX or USB. Through USB connection you will be able to access all music and images inside of your phone while with AUX you will only be transferring audio through your phone. It is always nice to have more than one option.

If you have a small display in your car that simply does not do the job for you or maybe you do not have one at all, you should consider the screen size of the device. You should probably get a bigger one if you want to have easier access to all the features it has while driving or maybe even one that implemented voice commands.

Here are some of the best Android Head units

· ATOTO A6 Double Din

Features a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen with built-in GPS navigation, phone mirror casting, and even Wi-Fi antenna. According to autonerds, this is one of the best Android head units available in 2019 and you can visit their site to check some other units.


· Pioneer AVH-3300NEX

This 7-inch fold-out touchscreen is able to deliver tons of features such as Bluetooth audio streaming, hands-free calls and supports both Android Play and Apple CarPlay.

· PUMPKIN Android 9.0 Car Stereo Double Din

Latest Android version and an Octa-core processor that can handle videos up to 4K quality. It comes with a USB cable, Wi-Fi antenna, GPS antenna and more.

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