5 Quick and Easy Upgrades to Make Your Car Look Impressive

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While supercars, luxury cars, and other overly modded cars can look cool and awesome, the reality is that not all of us can afford them. Some of those vehicles can go as high as a hundred thousand US dollars. This is simply too expensive for most of us. However, you should also appreciate what you already have, if you take care of your own car, it will take care of you too.

By doing or adding some things every few days or weeks to your car, you can make it look more impressive for much less cash. You could also save up on some money if you do the cleaning or adding the new mod by yourself. Here are some of the quickest and easiest upgrades you can do to make your vehicle look more interesting.

Wash your car


Seriously, it as simple as that. Leaving your vehicle to gather up loads of dust, dirt and other things that can ruin the look of it will make it more unattractive. However, we don’t just mean a quick wash with a hose on your lawn or going through an automatic wash.

You should visit professionals who will make sure that every single nook and cranny will be properly washed. Every dirt that has been stuck for months under your doors, on your hood, in your grill and next to your tires needs to be cleaned. A professional car wash will usually add a layer of wax to give the color some contrast and to protect it from UV rays and other things that could damage it.

You could also consider cleaning up a bit on the inside. Gathering up all the garbage you have been leaving around inside of your vehicle and vacuuming all those crumbs that you have left while eating during driving. With such a little work you can give yourself a feel of a brand new car.

HID headlights


Are you looking for a cheaper way to give your car a more modern look? If you want to convert to HID headlights and get rid of halogen bulbs, you will be doing yourself a favor. Not do HID’s only have much brighter lighting and an option to customize your colors, you will also have much longer-lasting headlights. You will not have to spend on a new bulb every single year.

Like most brand new models today have the same type of headlights, you will give an impression to others that your model is new too.

Take care of the dents


Nobody likes dents. Getting up in the morning to get to work and walking to your car just to find out that someone has left a dent in it is probably one of the most annoying things. Dents give a vibe that your car is older than it really is and the lighting reflects weirdly on those spots.

If you want to make your car seem newer, then you should probably consider getting rid of those dents. Some dents may be easily fixed with warm water and suction, others might need to be completely replaced at an auto shop.

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