Must-Have Car Interior Accessories for Summer

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Summer is the perfect time for pool parties and soaking up some rays, but it’s also time to take a look at your car. You know you’ll be spending more time on the road, so this is a great time to update every aspect of your vehicle. Check out these must-have accessories that will make your car fashionable as well as functional.

Floor Mats

Floor mats offer two functions in a car. The first is pretty simple, keeping your car clean. Whether you’re hiking or spending a day on sandy beaches, something is coming along for the ride. Floor mats make quick work of removing grits as well as wet debris from spills. You can get them in specially tailored models that are uniquely fit to the vehicle or opt for the pre-cut store brands. In both cases, vinyl, plastic, and rubber make up the largest share of materials used.

The second function is obviously its looks. If you want it to perfectly blend in with your car’s interior, there’s probably something out there for that. Of course, black and transparent make up a lot of the choices, but there are some other interesting styles to choose from. Characters and designs give new life to the standard floor mats. From superheroes to floral arrangements, there’s a good chance that a mat exists to fit your summer mood.

Seat Covers

According to Caltrend, anyone with children knows the value of a good seat cover, but they’re your friend no matter who you are travelling with this summer. For new interior, seat covers in leather or fabric offer a great way to protect your investment. Older vehicles with worn interior can find a renewal with these same seat cover options. For either option, these versatile choices wipe up quickly. Made and fit for use immediately after purchase, this is a surefire way to protect your vehicle from anything your travel season throws at it.

Dash Covers

Your dash picks up a lot of things. From UV rays to trash not quite ready for the bin, Dash covers are a safe, easy to install option that makes the most out this space. If your car’s dash has cracks, bumps, and unsightly discolorations, then look no further than a cover. Long summer days mean added hours of bright sunlight. With a UV protectant cover in place, you can be assured those rays will not leave your dash faded or warped.

Road trips can also benefit from a dash cover, even if you only plan to use it for travel. With friends, family, or co-workers along for the ride, the odds are good food, beverages, and a range of stain inducing items will come in contact with the dash. Having a cover handy can help you keep those worries away as you focus on other things.

Steering Wheel Covers

In recent years, steering wheel covers have become more of a fashion accessory for cars than a necessity. For the summer travel season, it’s time to think of them as both. Leather steering wheel covers are the preferred choices of weekend racers who take their cars out for track days. Their also offer a classic look that is at home on any convertible.

The rubber or vinyl versions present hassle-free options as you head out for summer fun. No sweaty palms to cause lack of grip on these items as most feature some sort of added detailing. While it goes without saying, be sure you have the right size for your make and model. A poor fit can actually be dangerous and no one wants to miss a minute of the season for an accident.

Sun Shade/Visor

While some car accessories have many uses, the major goal of a sun shade or visor is complete protection. There are several options when it comes to this category and what you choose might come down to who’s riding with you. If you’re alone, then a sun shade in the driver’s side window is enough. Of course, if other people are riding with you, additional shades can keep sunlight out. The large sizes of shades and visors have only one place to go. Use them in your windshield when the car is off and parked for full protection against heat and rays. Not only are you sparing your interior from cracks and fading, but the lack of heat in the car will make everyone more comfortable when it’s time to drive. Paper, plastics, and other materials give you a range of styles as well as price points for your summer trips.

Summer is the best time to give your car some new accessories. From subtle additions to full overhauls, the right accessories bring out the best in any vehicle. Consider them the next time the road is calling you for that seasonal road trip.

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