How Are 4D Laser Cuts Plates Made?

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At first, it began as a new trend that nobody gave too much recognition besides the design and the whole cool vibe that comes with it. The first country that recognized this trend was the UK. This is not a surprise if you are aware of the previous trend of personalized plates initially started expanding exactly in this country. After that, it spread all over the world.

Nowadays, 4D registration plates are taking the market by storm. Without a doubt, they are here to stay for quite a while. Even though their popularity is at a pretty high level at the moment, there are a lot of people who are not aware of it. Therefore, we are going to talk about them in greater detail.

What Exactly are 4D Letters?

4D is a term that people frequently connect with movies. This means that 4D movies are providing a whole new experience due to their movement and vibration. When we talk about 4D letters on registration plates, it can be said that it is not exactly like the movies.

The only way they can vibrate and move is when the vehicle is rattling or when it is equipped with a subwoofer that has enough power to produce the vibration. We can call it an upgrade to the previous 3D version. If you are interested in getting one of these, you can check out We assure you they can serve as perfect replacement registration plates when you decide you’ve had enough of having the usual ones on your vehicle.

How Are They Made?

As we said, these can be called an upgrade to the 3D style. When you think about it, they are exactly that because they’re made by raising the 3D style and pop it out. The process of manufacturing a 4D letter is pretty similar to the process of creating acrylic on original plates. They are made by a specific method that involves laser cuts.

This is a pretty expensive process and you should be aware that it will be required of you to invest a larger sum of money than you would give for old-school plates. You should have in mind that they are not so durable compared to the usual plates because of their nature. Therefore, you shouldn’t drill them because they can get damaged pretty easily. They are pretty touchy and mishandling of any kind can damage them. The main reason for it is their glossy surface.

What Are the Rules of Their Production?

There is a set of instructions that need to be followed carefully when producing these. Now are going to provide you an insight into the most important ones:

  • Charles Wright 2001 is the only font that can be used for text on 4D plates.
  • The letters much have a certain size: 79mm in height and must be 50mm wide.
  • Each letter needs to have a dimension of 14mm.
  • The gap between letters and the end of the replacement number plates needs to be 11mm.
  • Choosing a badge in your country is allowed.

Can They Be Damaged?

The first thing you should be aware that 4D replacement registration plates are not as durable as their 3D counterpart. We already said that drilling them can inflict serious damage on them. Otherwise, there is a possibility of them being damaged by the temperature.

This is not a big risk, however, every owner should be aware of it. Avoid parking your vehicle directly under the sunlight. We are going to be blunt, besides direct sunlight, the main risk of them being damaged is by a physical force. So, be gentle with your 4D replacement plates. When it comes to letters falling off the plate, it all depends on the manufacturer, so, it would be important for you to do proper research before you decide to buy.

4D vs 3D plates

Different from 4D, 3D plates are much more durable and flexible. They will not be damaged as easily as them. However, you would need to take good care of them, as it is the case with 4D number plates. Scratching the surface is definitely not an option by any means. It is interesting to know that the highest majority of manufacturers are producing both of these versions.

How to Take Care of Them?

When it comes to taking proper care of your 4D laser cut plates, you should know that this is the same process as with 3D and 2D versions. You can wash them by using some polishing product and applying with a sponge or mitt. You shouldn’t worry about buying some special products for them because they can be cleaned with all of the products that you used for older types of plates.

It is important not to use materials that can inflict some damage on them. Moreover, if you are not certain, you can ask the retailer and ask for a physical demonstration of the whole process. We’ve already said that 4D is not as durable as older versions. So, you should be extra careful with the cleaning process. For cleaning the dust of them you can use even blow dryer, why not.

Is It Possible to Make Them Shorter or Tinted?

When you are buying this kind of plates at your retailer, you can ask for a reduced size. Naturally, that would require slightly higher investment on your behalf. At the same time, producing tinted replacement plates is not legal. So, this is not an option.

What About Personalized 4D Laser Cut Plates?

Making any kind of personalized plate is possible. Naturally, every country in the world has a strict set of rules that regulate the content which can be displayed on them. Before you’ve decided what you would like to write on your plates, you should consult with the regulation in your country. Mainly, these regulations refer to rejecting content that is considered to be a bad taste. So, swearing and unacceptable language is not an option. It is of the utmost importance to do proper research before you decide to buy one of these.

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