Essential Products To Keep Your Car Clean

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Maintaining your car in the best possible shape should be your top priority. But apart from making sure that everything runs properly, you also need to keep it clean. 

Now, we understand that cleaning your car takes the precious time of your day; time that could otherwise be spent with the family or friends.

But fortunately for you, we’re here to tell you about the essential products that will keep your car clean for through long periods. This list will feature products of the highest quality that will provide the best possible result with minimal effort.

1.   A Bucket and a Sponge

Starting off nicely with the most basic of car cleaning products, a decent-sized bucket will make sure you have a steady supply of soapy water that will allow you to clean even a jeep. 

A sponge, on the other hand, is a very useful product that goes hand in hand with most cleaning jobs. We use the sponge to remove any dirt or debris from your car. You soak it into the soapy water, clean the exterior, and soak into another bucket that will hold only clean water. 

2.   Wheel and Tire Cleaners

Now that we’ve covered some of the most basic products, it’s time to dwell deeper into the more specialized products for car cleaning. Wheel and tire cleaners consist of a cleaning solution and a brush for the tires. These products are used to remove the stubborn grit and grime from the wheels, and the cleaning solution works best when paired with a brush. Simply spray the cleaner onto the surface of the wheels and rinse the tar and grime off by using the brush. A combination of both is bound to bring your wheels back to showroom condition, according to CarCareTotal.

3.   Car Wash Liquid

With hundreds of car washing liquids on the free market, choosing the right one is a very difficult task.

But fortunately for you, we’ve done our research and we can safely suggest to you to always go for the liquid that is as close to pH neutral as possible. 

This, of course, eliminates hard water spots from your paintwork as it removes the minerals from the water itself. Yet another tip we could give you is to always go for the product that easily bubbles up. This easily makes sure that the grit is removed from your paintwork.

4.   Chamois and Microfibre Towels

Washing your car consists of more work than simply rinsing and washing. After you’ve completely covered your vehicle, and rinsed off the debris and grit, it’s now time to dry it off.

For this, we can use eighter Chamois or Microfibre towels.

In the past, Chamois was the number one used product for drying paintwork. But a lot has changed over the years, including the creation of microfiber towels that are super absorbent and have even surpassed the Chamois due to being easier to use and providing a better overall finish. Furthermore, microfiber towels scratch the paintwork less than Chamois. When shopping for Microfibre towels, always go for the one that has a high GSM count.


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