How To Replace A HID Headlight Bulb

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In comparison to regular bulbs, HID (High-intensity discharge) headlight bulbs employ xenon gas, which makes them three times brighter and more durable than any other headlight.

They function in collaboration with ballast, which aids in controlling the electricity flow from the battery to the lightbulb. HID headlights are a common feature of recently produced vehicles of popular car makers. HID headlights are more expensive than Halogen bulbs

A big challenge could arise if you need to replace your bulbs or your headlight lens because HID bulbs are not very common bulbs. One of the few types of headlights that are installed on cars to provide them with the powerful light that improves vision while driving is HID headlights.

If the necessity ever comes to switch out and/or disconnect the HID headlight to your car, it can lead to some confusion. Here’s how you can replace the HID Headlight Bulb if you are one of those folks who prefer to upgrade to HID bulbs for a better driving experience.

Can you change HID bulbs on your own?


HID xenon headlamps, also known as high-intensity discharge lights, operate at a greater voltage than regular halogen lights. Instead of merely changing the bulb, you must also change the entire bulb assembly.

Replacing a HID headlight bulb is something that most people can do by themselves. However, it’s still important to understand why you should replace the headlight bulb in the first place. Headlight bulbs eventually burn out, and replacing them is a great idea.

You can change the bulbs yourself if you have an aftermarket HID xenon kit fitted. When the proper technique is followed, replacing these bulbs can be done safely:

Things you will need to replace the headlight


Replacing your HID headlight bulb can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. There are a lot of steps that you need to know. Before you start, make sure you have the correct type of replacement bulb. You can visit here to shop for HID headlight bulbs online. HID headlight bulbs are different from the other types of bulbs that you would normally use.

The replacements that you need to use are those that are specifically designed for HID headlight bulbs.

Never attempt to connect an HID bulb with a generator used for auto lights because it could cause a fire. When you are changing the HID headlight bulb, you need to make sure that you do it in a well ventilated place. It is also very important that you remove the negative terminal of your battery before you start changing the bulb. If you don’t do this, there is a possibility that the battery could get hot.

Steps to Replace a HID Headlight Bulb


  1. Stand in front of the vehicle, and step to the passenger side after opening the hood. There is plenty of space to work, so we’re just going to start here. You can see the cover. Turn that cover a few degrees counterclockwise with one or more fingers. It will move away from the housing, Set it aside as much as the wire will allow after it is clear.
  1. You can see the ballast by taking a look inside the housing. Remove the box by giving it a full spin in the opposite direction. Put it down carefully close to the cover you previously removed.
  1. Here your mirror will come in handy. The bottom of the bulb is now visible as you look deeper inside the hole. It is secured by a spring clip. One side of the clip is already sticking out of its slot in the image above. Move that spring toward the bulb base by pressing its tops toward the back of the vehicle. You may fold the entire spring downward and out of the way after both clips are freed.
  1. Grab the base and gently slide the bulb out of the socket to remove it. The bulb is delicate, so you need to be careful while pulling it out. Put it away in a secure location.
  1. Remove the new part from its packing while wearing gloves to avoid any oil from your fingertips from getting into contact with the new bulb. Remembering the slot at the top, place the new bulb in the opening where the old one was.

This is quite significant. That notch needs to match up with the tab at the top of the housing for the bulb to be correctly placed. Once you believe the bulb is properly placed, gently turn it to make sure the slot is in the tab and the bulb is firmly in place. Reposition the spring clip so that both sides are in their proper slots.

  1. Reattach the ballast to the bulb and tighten it by turning it in a clockwise direction. Replace the cover and turn it clockwise to lock it in place. Tuck the braided cable back into the housing.
  1. To inspect your work and ensure the bulb is in working order, turn on your headlights (no need to start the engine). If the bulb functions, turn off your lights and proceed with the driver’s side in the same manner.

However, it ‘can’ be done without the extra effort, especially now that you are an expert at this. You might find it easier if the battery is out of the way.

  1. You completed the task.


Compared to halogen lamps, HID lamps are brighter, they emit less heat, and they have a significantly longer lamp life. With two times as much light, Xenon HID bulbs make driving in any situation safer. The xenon HID lamps’ bright white light is similar to sunshine in intensity. Studies have shown that xenon illumination improves drivers’ ability to focus on the road and recognize hazards and road signs considerably more quickly than regular lamps.

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