How Can You Sound Proof Your Car?

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Cars are the most ideal mode of transportation, but most of the cars produce very irritating sound on the road that is very annoying that people even are unable to talk to each other.

So, what can we do to get rid of this noise?

Sound proofing is the only way to get rid of these annoying noises. There are many ways of sound proofing your cars. There are also very simple solution to sound proof your car and there outcomes are incredible when you do them rightly.

There are many things which make the car so noisy, it could be doors, hood, trunk, panels, engine, etc. all of these car parts let unwanted and annoying noises leak into your car. So, there are so many methods of sound proofing your cars e.g.

• Car sound insulation
• Sound deadening car mats
• Spray sound deadeners
• replacing rubber seals
• Checking uneven wear on tires
• Undercoating
• Background sound

From these methods, one methods of sound proofing is very effective. So, let’s talk about this method. It is Car sound insulation method.

Car sound insulation:

This is the very effective method of sound proofing your car. It has several benefits lets discuss them first:

• Effective in sound and thermal insulation
• Reduces the engine noise and heat
• Best combined with sound deadening mats
• Block 98% of heat from the exhaust system

Reflective insulation is a damping material. It is made from the aluminized polyester or aluminum foil and it is laid under the carpet of the cabin.

This method is actually used for the thermal insulation, but it is also a very effective and reliable sound proofing agent. Reflective insulations actually determine the source of noise, that which part of the car is creating noise and then forms a barrier. It actually limits the transmission of sound by absorbing and reflecting vibrations from the noise source.

The reflective insulation becomes more effective when it is combined with the sound deadening mats. You will get the best results when you do this. In order to avoid inconvenience, you can install both of them at the same time. You can apply reflective insulation directly under the sound proof floor mats.If you also think about replacing your car headlights, but want to know what will be the cost? Here you will find a detailed article about how much does it cost to replace car headlights?

How to install sound proof insulation?

Now the question is how we install them in our cars… It’s a very simple method. You can start the installation by removing the carpeting of your car floor. Before installing you have to make sure that the surface of the car where you are applying the reflective insulation is clean. After that, apply the adhesive and put down previously measured pieces of reflective insulation. Wait until it dries and re-lay the carpeting.

Reflective car insulation which are light weight can cancel out up to 80% of external noise when it is combined with sound deadening mats… It can block up to 98% of the heating coming from the engine’s exhaust system.

There are so many benefits of sound proofing your car. Car sound proofing allows you to get that luxury car feel without spending thousands of dollars. Simply put, with these car sound dampening methods, you can really enjoy your music and relax in your safe ride without being distracted by the unwanted sounds.


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