Tips for Buying the Right Racing Seat

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When it comes to take your racing car to the track, you should take your personals safety into serious consideration. One important item that should be racing car seat because it will add to your comfort while you are on the track. When it’s time to purchase a car seat, there some important factors that you should consider.

These factors are listed below:

Look for a Certified Racing Car Seat

There are certified car seats on the market that are certified by the FIA. These car seats pass a range of safety tests before they are made available to the racing car drivers. One of the tests include crash test. If you are into licensed racing, you will have to have an FIA or SFI certified safety car seat for your racing car. Crashes are inevitable on racing track, especially if you are driving on the rigid track. But, if you have a comfortable car seat, you will be able to focus more on the track.

Choosing the Material

Choosing the right material is very important. Racing car seats come in a wide variety of materials, such as leather, mesh, or microfiber. Go for the material that does not add extra weight to your car seat. Also, construction should be taken into consideration too. Car seat is also important in the event if there is fire in the engine. However, smart drivers use world’s smallest air conditioner to keep the engine from getting too hot and catch fire. In the event of fire, the fire suit keeps the driver safe and the car seat material should not catch the fire.

It is strongly advised to but the most light-weight car seat out there. This will give you advantage over your opponents. The more weight you add to your racing car, the more difficult it will be for you to get ahead of the opponents and win the race. If you also want to know the buying tips of ceramic car coating, then click here to read the buying guide for ceramic car coatings.

Pricing – how much are you willing to pay?

Racing car seats are usually very expensive, so make sure you keep some money aside to buy a decent car seat. A decent racing car seat will cost as much $300, while the car seats with the durable materials and high level of fitment will cost as much as $1000.

Size for Your Racing Car Seat

The best advice you will ever get is to choose a car seat that fits your racing car and fits your body. A good way to measure the right size for the seat is to measure the shoulder width and H-point. Don’t forget to measure the height inside your racing car. All these measurements should match the dimensions of the car seat that you want to buy for your racing car.

You can have your car seat custom-made according to your personal preferences. Also, it is important to note that there are two types of car seats, adjustable and non-adjustable. Which of these two types you want to choose is completely your personal preference. However, most car racers go with the non-adjustable car seat.

High-level of Containment

If you are into fast racing, go for a car seat that offers more containment. A good car seat that offers high-level of containment will be expensive, but it is worth spending money on such type of car seat. However, when looking for containment, make sure you don’t neglect your personal safety.

Auto Racing Seats

One of the important accessories for your racing car is auto racing seats. Auto racing seats help to keep drivers in their appropriate positions at all times. This is essential for best possible safety behind the wheel. Using these seats, drivers can easily controls steering. These can even lead to considerably speedier laps.

In conclusion, keep the above mentioned tips into mind when shopping for a racing car seat for you. These tips will not only help you choose the right car seat, but also you will save good money. There are a lot of company providing a wide selection of racing accessories and mounting kits along with racing seats for track and street use. Their expert team will properly install seat in your race car.

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