Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Motorcycle Gears

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Safety in everything is very important and motorcycling isn’t any different. No matter when you take your first ride, motorcycle gear is an investment that pays for itself. Sure you have cheaper options to go for. Hiking boots and jeans are always trendy. But, the investment you put in your gears assures that you don’t take your life for granted.

There is an old acronym ATGATT which says “All The Gear, All The Time”. So, even if your trip to the next road seems harmless, but statistically anything can happen anywhere. Hence, you should be prepared. And, on the other hand, when you travel for road adventures, then you need a completely different set of gear. When it comes to purchasing motorcycle gear, what are your preferences? Do you prefer function before fit or style before material?

Here are a few gears which you should must buy for a safe road trip:

Helmet: Helmets are always a must inclusion in the list of motorcycle gear. What type of helmet should you go for? You have three basic models to consider:

• Full helmet
• 3/4th helmet
• ½ helmet

You should choose a helmet depending on your preference, requirement and budget. No matter what type of helmet you don, but wearing one is a must.


Jacket: No matter it is the weather or you plan to ride the rugged terrains, a jacket is a must have for your road trips. You have different types of jackets to suit your style and give you cent per cent protection on road. Right from leather to synthetic, these jackets offer security, function and style. While leather is best for rugged cruisers, a mesh jacket may support long touring motorcycle riders. However, you need to ensure that the jacket fits comfortably and isn’t very stiff or too bulky for the rider.

Gloves: Gloves aren’t given the respect they should. All season motorcycle gloves offer more security to your hands than you may realize. They render additional padding and protection to the fingers, back of the hand, palm and knuckles. They come with abrasion protection as well as water proofing.

On your basic selection level, you should go for gloves which fits your hands snugly. Make sure you are able to ride comfortably after wearing it. With gloves, you have so many choices to consider.

Knee guards: Knee guards’ motorcycle provide a rider the best security for knees. It comes with foam backing for comfort and easy breath ability. It offers higher protection and extreme flexibility to the rider. They are comfortable to wear and render security in times of road rash or accident.

Once the motorcycle gears are chosen, getting the right size is your next challenge. Whether it is your helmet, jacket, all season motorcycle gloves or anything, they should fit right on your body or hands. A slight variation may cause discomfort during the ride. Check out the collection of motorcycle security accessories and gears from renowned brands at amazing rates from the comfort of your home.

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