Auto Cosmetics You Need To Have

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Having a powerful car is truly a satisfying feeling, but that’s not the only aspect of your vehicle that you should be taking a regular care of. When it comes to having the complete package, it is important that you take care of the aesthetics of your car, both from the inside and the outside.

Today we’re talking about some of the most important and widely used car cosmetics that you must have, so let’s take a look at what you need to know.

Car cleaning products

Not many people know this, but if you are washing your car with a dish-soap and some water, you’re definitely not doing a really good job. Car cleaning products exist for a reason, and no, they’re not a waste of money, here’s why. These mixtures that are specifically meant for washing a vehicle are made out of special ingredients and they also have a pH-neutral formula that ensures you won’t be damaging the paint or the material that your car is made of.

Compact and portable vacuum cleaners

The beauty of your car doesn’t come only from the outside. When someone enters your car, if the first thing they see is food remains and other types of dirt inside, they will probably have an impression that you’re a very untidy person. In order to avoid all of this from happening, make sure to purchase a portable vacuum cleaner that can help you clean your entire car in less than five minutes.

Wheel and Tire Cleaning Products

Imagine wearing an expensive and top-quality suit, but leaving your old and dirty sneakers on. Well, that’s exactly how cars that have dirty wheels look like. In order to leave an impression that your car is very tidy at all times, make sure that you regularly clean your wheels and tires with products that are specifically meant for this. Feel free to visit CarCareTotal if you are interested in learning more about this. Brush Hero is one of the most recommended products for this scenario.

A hanging air-refresher

This is something that every vehicle should have. When you enter inside a car, it needs to smell really good in order for you to have great and comfortable ride. If you can constantly smell the exhaust or the other materials that the car interior is made of, it’s not really a comfortable experience. Car air refreshers are very cheap and available in almost any store. Make sure to get one for your ride and impress others when they walk inside your vehicle.


Believe it or not, your car seats need to be cleaned as well. They are basically the ones that are receiving the most bacteria due to tons of different people sitting on them with clothes that previously touched public benches, chairs of a bar or bus-stop seats. Vacuuming them is not always enough, and there are tons of products that are specifically made for this cause. Sometimes they come in the form of a powder that you can let dissolve on the seats, other times they are in the form of a liquid and you need to rub them on the seats in order to completely sterilize them.

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