Ford Trucks You Need To Test Drive — That Aren’t An F-150

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Few vehicles have the same kind of instant name recognition as the Ford F-150. Not only is it the best-selling truck in America, it is also one of the best selling vehicles in the world. But while the words “Ford” and “truck” will instantly bring the F-150 to mind for car fans everywhere, this doesn’t mean that the F-150 is the only Ford truck available, or that it is perfectly suited to the needs of every shopper.

The F-150 is famous for being a tireless and versatile workhorse that strikes a near perfect balance between hauling power, comfort, and raw muscle, but sometimes a more specialized truck is needed to get the job done. In such cases, here are two very different Ford trucks you might want to stop by your local Ford car dealership to consider. Who knows? You may discover a new favourite.

Super Duty F-250

The F-150 might be the best known of Ford’s famous F-series, but sometimes you just need a degree of power and toughness the F-150 is simply not designed to deliver. In the twenty years since it first appeared on the market, the Super Duty has earned glowing accolades as a beefier, more muscular alternative to the full size pickup. Not only does the Super Duty have increased hauling power and more torque (with its best trim package, it is capable of towing 32,500 pounds), its aluminum body and steel frame make it maximally efficient. It has been called “ultimate heavy duty truck on the planet” by, and truck aficionados will find it hard to disagree.  

While the most well known Super Duty truck is probably the F-250, it is hardly the only one: interested shoppers can also check out the F-350 if they want an even more powerful vehicle. Both versions of the Super Duty are available as crew cabs, which provide space for up to six passengers.  

Ford Ranger

If the Super Duty presents drivers with a stronger option than the F-150, the Ford Ranger — which returns to North American markets for the first time in eight years in 2019 — is a smaller, more maneuverable option that is likely to strike a chord with urban drivers who need something that delivers serious strength in a compact package. Equipped with a turbo-charged four-cylinder engine, ten-speed automatic, and a steel body, the Ranger is clearly designed to challenge other popular mid-size trucks like the Chevrolet Colorado, the Toyota Tacoma, and the GMC Canyon.

For all its popularity, the F-150 is not always the best truck for the job. While its versatility has made it incredibly popular, Ford has also gone to great lengths to design other, more specialized vehicles that excel in different categories. Next time you are in the market for a new truck, consider taking a Super Duty or Ranger out for a test drive. You might be surprised at how well adapted they are to a range of different but no less important day-to-day challenges.

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