Fuel Saving Tips for Ford

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There are so many factors that contributes in the saving of fuel.  The engine plays a significant role in saving the fuel but so does the style of your driving. According to the fuel efficiency experts, your small efforts in changing your drive style can bring a positive impact of the efficiency of the car and also helps in saving fuel. According to the experts, use the following tips if you want to save the fuel of your Ford:

• Avoid aggressive drive

Drive smooth and calm. Increase the speed of your car gradually and avoid unnecessary brakes and switching lanes especially when you are driving on the highway. It will keep your car safe and helps you prolonging the life of your brakes.


• Don’t drive too fast

Over-speeding and rash drives may lead you to the destination faster but results in a lot of consumption of fuel. When you speed increases more than 50mph, the mileage of your fuels starts to decline quickly. If your speed is 55mph, you save around 15% of fuel. . You spend additional 26% of fuel when you drive with the speed more than 55 mph.


• Keep tires inflated

Always keep your tires inflated to save the fuel. It saves fuel up to 5% because if the tires are not inflated to the limit, the rollingresistance of tires increases and results in decreased fuel economy. It’s also important for the safety of your vehicle.


• Maintain your engine properly

Maintenance of your engine is very important as it ensures the performance of the car and also save the fuel. Well-maintained engine consumes less fuel and smooth performance of your vehicle. Replace the engine oil and air filter after it reaches the certain limit as less wear and tear occurs in the engine.


• Use genuine spare parts:

Using genuine spare parts for your car is very important. High quality spare parts help reduce consumption of fuel meaning fewer trips to the garage of mechanic. It increases the lifespan of the car and helps safe the money. Car parts for Ford by AutoDoc are highly recommended.


• Don’t over-burden your car:

Don’t put a lot of luggage in the car. Overweight can damage the car efficacy. The burden on your car decreases the smoothness of your car and increase the usage of fuel. Remove all the unnecessary weight from your car as extra weight helps your engine to work harder, hence, results in increased fuel consumption.


• Minimize the use of heater and AC:

Don’t use AC and heaters unnecessarily to avoid excess use of fuel. If you decrease the use of AC and heaters, it helps you save around 15% of fuel. Also, park your car under a shady area so that you don’t need to use air conditioner much. Roll down the windows of your car if the weather is pleasant.


• Select best oil for the car:

The quality of the oil for your car matters a lot. The better the quality, lesser the fuel is consumed. Prefer the suggested fuel octane that is mentioned in the owner’ manual.


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