The Rags To Riches Guide For A Rookie Driver In 2023

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If you think of yourself as a rookie driver and have the exhibits to prove it, this is the guide for you. Despite some countries having the most strict rules and regulations governing driving laws and licenses, individuals that pass their driving tests with flying colors often end up having poor driving histories. This essentially isn’t on the part of the system, rather it bases on multiple factors. Sleep deprivation, poor mood swings, billboards and marketing popups, humming along with music on the radio, etc.

Whether your bad driving skills are accredited to your poor attention span or to simple bad hand and eye coordination, the following tips can help you up to your driving score to a significant extent:

Focus and stay alert


Driving is a task that requires high levels of coordination and consideration towards matters such as road conditions, car speed, other drivers in your lane, traffic rules, and GPS locations, amongst other factors. Staying focused and keeping your calm is essential as any other added distractions would just divert your attention from the aforementioned. Phones should be silent and your overall mental state ought to be stable before you hop into the driver seat.

Copy the traffic

This is a pretty fool-proof trick as when all traffic is moving at a similar pace, there is little chance of any collisions or mishaps. Additionally, it wouldn’t cause anyone to unnecessarily switch lanes or go over the speed limit. Also, if you missed any speed limit signs and you are on a motorway, mimicking surrounding traffic is a great way to know you are doing the right thing.

Get Insured


This is practically a no-brainer, but if you are innately more prone to accidents and minor touch-ups, get your car insured. Not only would this give you peace of mind but would also be a financially viable option. However, individuals with poor driving history often have difficulty in getting insurance coverage. Fortunately, certain companies specialize in said insurance such as General Auto Insurance extends coverage to individuals who are often denied coverage by their regular counterparts. The General quote online features all considerations and requirements ranging from minimum liability to coverage options.
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Remain patient

Sometimes when traffic is slow, impatient drivers have the habit of jumping between lanes in order to get ahead of the rest of the vehicles. Switching lanes is essentially a zero-sum process and doesn’t actually make the traffic move faster, rather just creates a placebo effect of the traffic moving at a faster pace for everyone else. If drivers could all understand this basic concept, life on roads would be a whole lot easier. Additionally, a lot of minor accidents occur when drivers switch between lanes.

Be on the lookout


While good driving constitutes looking out for yourself, it also includes keeping an eye on the drivers around you. Another individual driving rashly could affect you too if they unexpectedly cross paths with you. Another drivers’ poor actions could result poorly for you and hence constant vigilance is to be practiced.

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