2023 Witnesses the Largest Increase in Traffic Crash Deaths – How to Legally Handle an Accident

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As per the latest records by the federal government, road crashes and fatalities increased during the first half of 2023. This has been the largest increase that was ever reported in the history of the system during a span of six months. It is shocking to know that more than 25,000 people died in car crashes on the roads of the US, a 24% increase from the same period during 2023.

The US Department of Transportation’s NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) announced the current estimates of the death toll due to road accidents. Not fastening seat belts and speeding were cited to be the two most common reasons behind this spike in accidents during the pandemic.

Do the authorities identify action steps to save lives?

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The US Department of Transportation has recently announced that they’ll produce the first-ever ‘National Roadway Safety Strategy’ to recognize some of the best action steps for all the people who are working together to save the lives of people on the streets of the US.

None can attain this alone as it takes all levels of industries, government, engineers, advocates, and communities to work towards that day when family members wouldn’t have to bid goodbye to their loved ones in a traffic accident.

According to a survey, the National Roadway Safety Strategy has been scheduled to be released in the month of January 2023. This project will bring forth all the work that is being done by the Transportation Department to promote serious steps to curb deaths and injuries all over the country.

Since the road users and motorists are getting killed, the proven solutions are not only being delayed but also deferred. This is why the data given by the federal government is more like a reminder of what people can do every day to avoid accidents. Wear your seat belts, slow down, and obey the traffic rules while you’re driving on the road.

Potential Reasons behind road accidents

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  • Driver Mistakes: Mistakes committed by the driver is probably the biggest reason behind all these car accidents. Mostly, the four D’s are found to be the causes of accidents – Distracted driving, Drunk driving, Drugged driving, and Drowsy driving. Not following traffic rules, speeding, and not wearing seat belts are a few other reasons.
  • Defects on the road: One more reason behind road accidents is road defects. There are poorly designed curves, a dearth of guardrails, structural issues, and improperly placed traffic signals. Other road defects include potholes, uneven pavement, construction zones marked improperly, and the presence of oil, debris, snow, or water on the road.
  • Defects in the car: There are some accidents which can happen due to a defect of the vehicle. However, this reason has become much less common as there are several cars with auto features. Few defects lead to fatal accidents like defects in airbags, seat belts, ignition, steering wheel, braking system, fuel system, and tires.
  • Medical emergencies while driving: There are times when the driver suddenly suffers from medical emergencies like strokes, heart attacks, schizophrenic episodes, or even spells of fainting. Drivers are not always held liable for such medical emergencies but if there was a warning or a history of such episodes, they might be held responsible.

Vehicle crash and the claim types

Whether you meet with a major accident or a minor one, it will leave you mentally and physically shattered. This might not be the right time to calculate your damages but everyone needs to be aware of the rights to which they’re entitled. There are law firms that supply you with the best lawyers who can fight for you, such as https://www.ladahlaw.com.

In case you feel that a car crash just leaves you with the sole option of claims or damages, you’re wrong. There are 3 kinds of claims which the victim can demand after a car accident.

Personal Injury Protection Claim

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As per the Personal Injury Protection claim, this insurance covers 80% of the medical bills that are caused by this vehicle crash. PIP or Personal Injury Protection Claim covers other property damages that were present in the car during the time of the accident. If you lose your capability to earn or fulfill your marital responsibilities or funeral expenses, the PIP claim will still cover you.

Property Damage Claim

The property damage claims are totally related to the damaged car during the accident. However, no other damage that occurred due to the crash will come under the periphery of the Property Damage claim.

Bodily Injury Claim

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Bodily Injury is in many ways similar to PIP claims but this covers any kind of bodily harm in an extensive manner. If the victim needs long-term physical care, this too will be covered through this bodily injury claim.

Immediate steps after a car accident

Remain at the scene of the accident

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One of the most vital steps to take after an accident is never to leave the scene. If you’re accused, you should stay put. In case you have to leave due to physical damage, don’t forget to inform the police.

Talk to the police

The second most important step would be to speak to the police and call them on the spot. Determine the damage caused and also remember the names of the police officers at the scene.

Take photos

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Take photos of the scene of the accident. These can be utilized as a piece of vital evidence during the later stage of the process.

Inform your insurance adjuster

Intimate your information about the accident to the insurance company and inform them about the extent of the injury. Make sure they’re updated about the entire process.

Get property damage valuation

Obtain the property damage valuation of the insurance company as early as you can. If you’re not satisfied with their quotes, ask them for a replacement.

Not everyone is ready with an attorney soon after their accident. Hence, take the steps given above and make sure you fight for your rights.

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